Dear applicants!
Dear parents of school and college graduates!

          You are facing a crucial decision. Essentially, today's step will determine the life path of each one of you: the graduates and the parents.

          The choice of professions is vast. Universities offer a wide range of educational programs in line with international standards. These "hot" days will serve as a compass for your future success, young people.

          I am confident that you will carefully weigh all the pros and cons and make the choice in favor of SHAKARIM UNIVERSITY, firmly rooted in almost a century of history: a history marked by tragedy and unforgettable moments. But our university has withstood the test of time with dignity.

          Hundreds of thousands of its alumni actively participate in the socio-political and economic life of the country.

          You are a part of this society, dear future freshmen. Hopes for further strengthening of the ABAI REGION are pinned on you.

          SHAKARIM UNIVERSITY is a modern university with a strong material and technical base, campuses, student dormitories, recognized as one of the leading regional universities in Kazakhstan.

          Classicism, IT technologies, innovative thinking of professors, staff renewal, social guarantees for students – that's what SHAKARIM UNIVERSITY is today.

          And we, SHAKARIM UNIVERSITY, aim to be among the top-ranked international universities.

          Today, the development of regions and regional universities is of special interest to the state. Expanding opportunities, increasing international recognition, academic mobility – all of this presents possibilities for your professional and personal development, esteemed graduates.

          SHAKARIM UNIVERSITY guarantees the quality of fundamental education and assured employment.

          Make the right choice.

          I also once, like you, made that choice back in the distant year of 2000, when I crossed the threshold of SHAKARIM UNIVERSITY with trepidation for the first time.

          Years have passed.

          Now, I am here again. But this time, together with the faculty, we will do everything in our power to help you outline the contours of your future life right here on your land, in your university.

Your Rector,