Double Degree Education

Double-degree education at the Shakarim University of Semey city is one of the most important channels for the development of the practical integration of Kazakhstani higher education into the international educational space. This direction meets the strategic interests of the development of the university in terms of improving the quality of education, research, competitiveness of the university in the global educational space and corresponds to the basic principles and provisions of the Bologna process.

Each of the students of Shakarim University on international educational programs receives high-quality educational services, relevant foreign knowledge and experience from leading teachers of partner universities.

At the moment, a number of Bachelor's and Master's programs are being implemented with the following partner universities:




Level of training: Bachelor's degree

Teaching language: English

List of double degree programs:

  • 6В06105 - "Computer engineering and Software / Smart Computing"
  • 6В04106 - "Management/ Business Administration"
  • 6В04107 - "Management/ Hotel Management"


The admission process for these double degree programs is no different from the admission process for traditional educational programs.

For admission, you must pass the Unified National Test (the list of specialized subjects is given below).

With the results of the UNT, it is possible to participate in the Competition for the award of a state educational grant on a general basis.

Profile subjects:

  • 6В06105 - "Computer engineering and Software / Smart Computing" - Mathematics+ Informatics
  • 6В04106 - "Management/ Business Administration" - Mathematics+ Geography
  • 6В04107 - "Management/ Hotel Management" - Mathematics+ Geography

Learning Model

The training period is 4 years. Training is carried out according to the "2 + 2" model. It means:

  • 2 years - study at the Shakarim University of Semey
  • 2 years - studying at Kyungdong University

Criteria for transferring double degree students to Kyungdong University:

In accordance with P 042-1.13-2022 "Regulations on the implementation of joint double-degree educational programs", as well as the internal procedure for enrolling students in KDU, students who successfully completed the training program of the first four (4) semesters (2nd year) receive the opportunity to transfer to the university Gyeongdong under the 2+2 scheme, subject to the following criteria:
- Confirmation of payment of the registration fee and the cost of living for the semester;
- The presence of a transcript indicating the successful completion of the course of study in accordance with the approved curriculum (at least 120 ECTS);
- Achievement of at least 75% or GPA equivalent;
- The presence of a Korean visa C3;
- Successfully passed an interview at the Admissions Committee of the Association of Korean Universities (KUAC)
- Minimum IELTS 5.5 or equivalent internationally certified English proficiency






Manager of Sports and Recreation

Level of training: Bachelor's degree

Teaching language: Russian

Learning Model


Level of training: Bachelor's degree

Teaching language: English