Dormitory description

All students who need accommodation will be placed in one of four suggested dormitories.

- №1 dormitory - Phizkulturnaya, 2а 

- №2 dormitory -  Shugaeva, 159/4

- №3 dormitory - Naimanbayev, 261 

- №4 dormitory - Naimanbayev, 263

  • Capacity- 830 students (4 dormitories)
  • Living area per person – 6,6 m2
  • Every room can be used by 2-6 people and equipped with all necessary furniture (wardrobe, ottoman, bedside table and refrigerator); technique - washing machine, ironing board and iron, computer room, lounge, kitchen, gym, shower room and laundry room.4
  • All dormitories are supported with Wi-fi internet, rooms are equipped with smart TV (satellite or cable TV). For providing safety dormitoriesare guarded by security 24/7
  • Each dormitory provides equal conditions and barrier-free access for students with special educational needs in accordance with the "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for educational facilities". The buildings of the dormitories are provided with ramps, the entrances to them are equipped with special, well-fixed railings to assist people with limited stability, and the thresholds of the rooms are low flat platforms on stairwells. Doorways in the corridors allow a wheelchair to pass through. Students with disabilities and orphans are eligible to receive discounts for accommodation.

The cost of living in a dormitory is 80 000-100 000 tenge per academic year (the whole payment in academic year for dormitory)

Accommodation in a dormitory is carried out according to the rules of the hostel and the KPI coefficient.