Main areas of activity

The research work of students is planned and carried out during the academic year in the following main areas:

- preparation of scientific abstracts, publication of scientific articles together with teachers;

- execution of scientific term papers and theses, as well as works with elements of research at graduate departments;

- participation in scientific student conferences, seminars, competitions and Olympiads;

- participation of students in the implementation of contractual and state-funded research.

The main task of the university in organizing research of students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students is solved and performed through differentiated involvement of them in various forms of creative activity, taking into account the level of their training.

University students have excellent opportunities to master their future specialty, to engage in research work. Students are provided with educational and scientific laboratories equipped with modern equipment, computer classes with Internet access, a scientific library with a collection of about a million books.

Students of the university are systematically involved as co-executors in the development of applied research conducted by scientists of the departments. The results of students ' research work are used for publishing articles, preparing term papers and theses, speaking at conferences, participating in business project competitions.

In order to attract students to research activities, there are circles on scientific interests at the departments of the university. Currently, there are 42 student scientific circles and student scientific associations, where students acquire the skills of scientific research and work on a specific topic. Among them: "Leader of the XXI century", "Sofiytsy", "Zerde", "Thermophysicist", "Breeder", "Small Geographical Society", "Methods of teaching physics", "Computer graphics and 3D modeling" and others.

International and national conferences, scientific and practical seminars, subject Olympiads in various areas held at the university have become a powerful incentive for introducing young people to science. Every year, university students take an active part in the Republican competition for the best research work of university students of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the results of which they systematically take prizes.

The best works are published in scientific publications of the university, the republic and abroad. Every year, the university holds a scientific and practical conference of young scientists "Shakarim INNO" in all areas of training. To cover the life of students at the university, the newspaper "Student Alemi" is published.