Additional educational program Minor

Minor/additional educational program is a set of disciplines and (or) modules and other types of educational work determined by the student to study in order to form additional competencies.

The procedure for choosing and mastering disciplines under an additional educational program is carried out to obtain additional competencies in related or specialized EPs, as well as to meet student’spersonal needs. The volume of disciplines selected according to an additional educational program is set by the university independently. At the same time, students study disciplines of the additional EP with disciplinesof  HEIC and CC and their volume is included in the total amount of academic credits required to get the appropriate degree or qualification for the main EP (Rules for organizing educational process on credit training technology Order No. 563of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 12.10.2018).

What to know about the Minor Education Program:

  • studied in the 5th, 6th and 7th semester of undergraduate program;
  • consists of three disciplines studied sequentially;
  • 15 credits (each discipline - 5 credits);
  • Minor discipline credits are included into 240 credits of the main program/Major credits;
  • student of each educational program selects from the general list independently.


MinorCatalog for undergraduate students:

Minor "Language and Communication"

Minor "Economic Thinking in Business"

Minor "Accounting and taxation in enterprise"

Minor "Financial literacy and financial markets"

Minor "Legal protection of human rights and freedoms"

Minor "Journalism"

Minor "Psychology of career building"

Minor "Food Safety and GMOs"

Minor "Modern information technologies"

Minor "Radiation safety and human ecology"

Minor "Computer Design and Graphics"

Minor "Statistical data processing"

Minor "Management of total pedagogical process"


Workload: 15 credits

Minimum number of students: 15

Maximumnumberofstudents: 80