Corruption Free University

                       Compliance service

Compliance service was set up to compel the compliance with anti-corruption legislation in the university.  

The University compliance service is headed by S. M. Turdin

Compliance service is aimed at

1) Ensuring compliance with the basic principles of combating corruption in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Combating Corruption";

2) Development of measures to prevent corruption, improve legal literacy and zero tolerance for corruption among students and in the activities of the university and its employees;

3) Analysis of the causes and conditions that give rise to corruption in the university;

4) Organization of assistance in the form of consultations on issues related to the application in practice of the general principles of official behavior of employees and the organization of information and explanatory work among students and employees of the university to improve the ethical, legal culture and standards of integrity (Organization and verification of applications and complaints, other information on participation in corrupt activities of officials and other employees of the university entering the compliance services)


 Head of the "Center for Social Monitoring and Forecasting (CSMP)" of Shakarim University, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences — Nazigul Slyambolovna Gazizova.

The Commissioner for Ethics and Combating Corruption Risks, within the limits of his competence, performs the following functions:

  • provides teaching staff, employees and students with advisory assistance on compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the areas of anti-corruption and the Code of Ethics;
  • promotes the formation of a culture of relationships that corresponds to generally accepted moral and ethical norms in the team;
  • monitors compliance with ethical standards;
  • conducts explanatory work on compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption and the Code of Ethics.

The Commissioner for Ethics and Anti-Corruption Risks is obliged to:

  • participate in the consideration of issues regarding non-compliance with the Rules;
  • keep records of appeals from employees, officials, as well as business partners and interested parties on issues of non-compliance with the provisions of the Rules;
  • to observe independence and impartiality in the consideration of disputes on issues of non-compliance with the Rules;
  • to ensure the anonymity of the employee, the official who applied for a violation of the provisions of the Rules (in case of a wish to remain anonymous).

Schedule of admission of teachers, employees studying ethics and anti-corruption risks: daily from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 h., break from 13.00 to 14.30 h.


The Shakarim University operates the Commission on Combating Corruption and Compliance with Professional Ethics of the NAO Shakarim University (hereinafter referred to as the Commission).

The Commission is a permanent collegiate body designed to consider disciplinary cases of employees, ensure anti-corruption legislation, prevent violations of the Internal Regulations and the Charter of the University. The chairman of this commission is Yesenzholov Yergali Kabdollauly.


Address: 071412, Semey, st. Glinka 20a, office 907.

tel.: 8-705-166-17-54

"Helpline" of Shakarim University: 8722-2-31-31-82

Telegram channel: Shakárіm ýnıversıtetі adaldyq alańy

Messages from citizens about an impending or committed corruption offense are received around the clock by calling 1424 of the unified call center of the anti-corruption service.



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